Awesome Media Productions’ staff loves to golf, especially on different and unique courses.  The only problem we’ve found is not having a good knowledge of the layout on a course we are playing for the first time.  This led us to ponder, “What if we made it so you could see the entirety of each hole, hazards and all, before you even tee off?”  Using state-of-the-art drone and camera equipment, AMP can do fly overs of every hole, from tee box to green, to give your guests an experience on the course that they’ll never forget.  We shoot the footage, edit the content, and place the videos on your website so all the golfer needs to do is go online and press play.  The videos will tell you the distance from each tee box, and help you visualize every single hazard in your way from a bird’s eye view.  We also capture the green layout to allow your guests to know what to expect and where to aim for even the most difficult greens, far before their approach shots. 

Interested in spicing up your website or having a commercial that will attract more golfers?  Awesome Media Productions can help you in those departments, as well.  Our videographers and editors work hand in hand to create top of the line content tailored for advertising.  We provide professional results at an affordable price.  Our website development is also another service we offer that is guaranteed to get the attention of the masses in the golfing community. 


Front 9

Hole 1 - Outbound

Hole 2 - Rails

Hole 3 - Jay's Creek

Hole 4 - Short Fuse

Hole 5 - Watery Grave

Hole 6 - Fire In The Hole

Hole 7 - Heathery

Hole 8 - Lock Lobo

Hole 9 - Devil's Ditch


Back 9

Hole 10 - Jack's Hammer

Hole 11 - Plug and Feathers

Hole 12 - Alcatraz

Hole 13 - Escape From Alcatraz

Hole 14 - Stacks

Hole 15 - Wall

Hole 16 - Gibraltar

Hole 17 - Reload

Hole 18 - High Road Home

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