Profesional Services 

Our capabilities are available as standalone services or as part of a complete package. Offering this flexibility allows us to work with other agencies that you may already have in place - of which we have extensive experience. 

However we're also a digital media production company that can service a client from start to finish when it comes to social media marketing and content creation - whether this is for lead generation, awareness, engagement or direct sales.

Helping those who understand the power of video, print, and photography when telling a story and the reach and influence it has online.



  • Company Promo Videos

  • Product / Service Videos

  • Social media marketing Campaigns

  • Live streaming events

  • Documentaries

  • Tutorials and training

Understanding your objective with your video, who it's for and where it will be broadcast helps us determine what type of video would work best.

When determining pricing it boils down to 3 simple things.

1. Production quality (Example: 6K/4K/1080HD)

2. Location or locations (Example: Travel from our offices to location/locations)

3. Total time of final video (Example: factor in 8hrs of post production work per “final product minute”) 



AMP is a full-service commercial photography company. We take pride in being professionals that create the perfect set up in studio or on location to capture the client’s vision. We specialize in corporate, product, advertising, commercial and industrial photography. Photo shoots can be conducted in our full service studio or on location – whichever suits our clients needs the best. AMP separates ourselves from the pack not only with our approach and quality of services provided, but also with our versatility. We believe that each client should not only be satisfied with the creative work of our photographers, but also with the affordability of our services. We have an unprecedented record of adapting to our clients’ budgets and building lasting relationships for future endeavors.

Graphics Design and logo creation

At AMP we provide the design and marketing support you need to define and communicate what makes your business or organization exceptional. Employing thoughtful brand strategy, we use print, web, and social media to help you share your unique message, clearly and beautifully. At the core of everything we offer is a dedication to sophisticated design, client service and a love for what we do.


Website / branding / flyer - DESIGN

Are your designs getting lost in the woods? It’s easy to become camouflaged among the thousands of visuals companies put out every day. But with AMP, your message will stand alone. Our designs are meant to inspire action, and created with the intent to convert. No matter what the project, we approach each piece with a marketer’s mindset, focusing on what will work best for your brand. Have a project you need us to get our paws on?


We offer:

  • Print design

  • Advertising

  • Web graphics

  • Packaging design

  • Branding and logos

  • And more

Our designs are:

  • Creative

  • Researched

  • Beautiful

  • Effective

  • On time

  • Award winning


full turnkey MARKETINg

We stand behind the belief that effective marketing boils down to one thing: mutual trust in a great idea. We provide key services to ensure harmony across a diverse range of platforms, technology and media. Plainly said, we're here to help you think it through and get it done.

  • Strategy

    We’re a curious bunch, constantly exploring new technologies and emerging trends to develop a unique and brand appropriate, multi-channel game plan.

  • Ideation

    We’re a creative agency that imagines and produces extraordinary experiences to engage, delight, captivate and inspire people. We begin with an idea, then decide how best to bring that idea to life.

  • Execution

    Having a clear vision is one thing. Executing on that vision is another. We think big, then fixate on the building blocks to bring an idea to life.




Maximum Takeoff Weight:         80.0 lbs (55 in US)

Maximum Payload (Camera):     45.0 lbs

Maximum Flight Time:               15-38 Minutes*

Crew Required:                           2-5**

Time Between Flights:               5 minutes

Bottom and Top Mount Cameras


Maximum Takeoff Weight:        55.0 lbs

Maximum Payload (Camera):    30.0 lbs

Maximum Flight Time:               15-28 Minutes*

Crew Required:                           2-5**

Time Between Flights:               5 minutes

Alta 8

Maximum Takeoff Weight:        40.0 lbs

Maximum Payload (Camera):    20.0 lbs

Maximum Flight Time:               7-18 Minutes*

Crew Required:                           2-5**

Time Between Flights:               5 minutes

Bottom and Top Mount Cameras

Matrice 600

Maximum Takeoff Weight:        22.0 lbs

Maximum Payload (Camera):    14.0 lbs

Maximum Flight Time:               15-25 Minutes*

Crew Required:                           2-3**

Time Between Flights:               3 minutes

The perfect Drone for VR

Inspire 2

Maximum Flight Time:               27 Minutes*

Crew Required:                           1-3

Time Between Flights:                3 minutes